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Molding Technology for DURACON(R) POM

Contents Introduction Safety Molding Machines Molding Conditions Recycling
Molding Characteristics Product Design Mold Design Countermeasures for Defects


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1. Introduction

2. Safety and Hygiene Precaution

2.1 Precaution in Molding

2.2 Hygiene

2.3 Starting Up, Shutting Down

   and Changing of Materials

3. Injection Molding Machines

3.1 Selection of Machines

3.2 Plasticization Mechanism

3.3 Injection Mechanism

3.4 Nozzle Structure

4. Molding Conditions

4.1 Standard Molding Conditions

4.2 Predrying

4.3 Cylinder Temperature

4.4 Mold Temperature

4.5 Injection Pressure

4.6 Injection Speed

4.7 Screw Rotational Speed

  and Back Pressure

4.8 Molding Cycle

4.9 Countermeasures for Mold Deposit

5. Use of Recycled Material


6. Molding Characteristics

6.1 Flow Characteristics

6.2 Mold Shrinkage

6.3 After-shrinkage and Dimensional Change

   Due to Moisture Absorption

6.4 Thermal Stability

7. Product Design

7.1 Points in design

7.2 Dimensional Accuracy

7.3 Deformation

7.4 How to Control Dimension

7.5 Strength of Molded Products

8. Mold Design

8.1 Runners

8.2 Gates

8.3 Draft

8.4 Undercut

8.5 Gas Vents

8.6 Mold Temperature Control

8.7 Mold Material

9. Countermeasures for Molding Defects



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