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Introducing Materials and Technologies for ADAS Parts - Sensor Edition [New]
Introducing DURANEX® PBT materials with improved long-term characteristics [New]
Introducing Materials and Technologies for ADAS Parts
- Actuator Parts and Communication Equipment Edition
Resin materials suited to high-voltage automotive environments (PA66 and PBT)
Frame and Hydrolysis Resistant Grade 750AM

Electrification of Cars Brings Changes to Material Design: Focusing on Materials for PCUs

457EV : Unreinforced, Flame Retardant & High Impact Strength PBT Grade

330GW Excellent Glow Wire Properties

532AR : Delivers Alkali Stress Cracking Resistance Properties

756HA Better Surface Appearance

LT Series: Improved Long-term Properties

High CTI / Halogen-Free NF Series

SF series Super-high flow