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SDS automatic document issuing system

* The former MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)has been renamed SDS(Safety Data Sheet).
<<How to use>>
  • Select a brand.
  • Enter a grade name.
    Select from applicable candidates that appear by entering the grade.
  • Select a regulating state and a language according to your needs.
  • Click the search button.
  • Click the icon of the applicable PDF file to download.
<<How to select an SDS file>>
  • Select a file having the same color number as that of the grade you use.
    If there is no applicable color number, select "*," which can correspond to any color number.

Regulating state
  Brand Grade Color Regulating state Language Data
Select brand, grade, regulating state, language and then click the search button.
  • For browsing SDS documents, Adobe Reader or related Adobe Acrobat products are necessary. See products at Adobe Systems Website .
  • Contact us from here if you have any questions about SDS contents or if you cannot select the grade you need.