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Molding technology

The Outline of Injection Molding
Molding Technology for DURACON(R) POM
Molding Technology for DURANEX(R) PBT
Molding Technology for FR-PET(R) GF-PET
Molding Technology for DURAFIDE(R) PPS
Molding Technology for LAPEROS(R) LCP
Molding Technology for TOPAS(R) COC
For Recycling of Our Materials
Cautions for Use of Regrinds
AdvaThermo(R) Thermal Insulation Molding Technology
Blow Molding
Hot-runner System
Outsert Molding
High Cycle Molding
Gas Assisted Injection (GAI) Molding
DSI (Die Slide Injection Molding)
Foam Molding
Injection Molding Trouble Shooting
Dimensional Change by After-shrinkage
Fountain Flow
Is purging done properly?
Gate-freezing Time
Anisotropy Caused by Orientation of Glass Fiber
What are weldlines ?

Secondary processing

Electromagnetic Shielding Technology
Our brand-new double molding technology AKI-Lock(R)
Proposed Applications for Metal-Resin Bonding Technology [New]
Laseridge(R) joining technology for metal and plastic
Joint Technology of Different Kind Material
Material Technology for Laser Welding [New]
Adhesion and Welding Technology
Surface Modification Techniques
Surface Decoration
Coating Property of DURAFIDE(R) PPS
Be careful with the curing conditions of adhesives.

Product Design

Design Technology for DURACON(R) POM
Design Technology for DURANEX(R) PBT [New]
Design Technology for DURAFIDE(R) PPS
Design Technology for LAPEROS(R) LCP
Calculation Tools for Design
Using CAE to Forecast Deformation During the Reflow Process [New]
Design Method with Consideration Given to Creep and Stress Relaxation
Kinds of Gears
Gear Design
High Accuracy of Gears
Noise Reduction Technology for Plastic Gears [New]
Fit Joining Design Method by Screw
Design Method Utilizing Elasticity
Ideas on Creep Deformation
Stress-strain Curve of Resin Material
Heat Resistance
Heat Shock Fracture
What are the lifetimes of products
How to Design Plastic Components (Snap-fit)
How to Design Plastic Components (Springs)
To Extend the Lifetime of Products (Door Rollers)
Young's modulus means the modulus of longitudinal elasticity
What is the S-S curve?
A Point for Consideration in the Design of Plastics Components

Evalution Technology

Residual Stress Measurement Method of Resin Molded Parts
Evaluation Methods
Evaluation Methods for Moldability
Evaluation Methods for Mechanical properties
Evaluation Methods for Endurance
Evaluation Methods for thermal properties
Evaluation Methods for Electrical properties
Other Test Methods
About UL
Concerning UL94
Glass Transition Temperature
Oxygen Index
What is creep rupture ?

Polyplastics Dojo

Injection Molding 1
Injection Molding 2
Shortening the Molding Cycle
Multiple Stage Injection


WEB pla-topia
Engineering Plastics Terms (English, Japanese, Chinese comp.)
WEB@TSC Mail News Back File



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