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Molding Technology for TOPAS(R) COC

Contents Introduction Cautions in molding Molding machines Molding conditions
Molding characteristics Product design Mold design Countermeasures for detects  


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1. Introduction

2. Cautions in molding

2.1 Recommended material change method

2.2 Simple material change methods

2.3 Temporary halt methods

3. Molding machines

3.1 Machine selection

3.2 Plasticizing mechanism

3.3 Nozzle construction

4. Molding conditions

4.1 Standard conditions

4.2 Pre-drying

4.3 Cylinder temperature

4.4 Mold temperature

4.5 Injection pressure

4.6 Injection speed

4.7 Screw rotation rate, back pressure

4.8 Nitrogen purge of hopper

4.9 Measures against stringiness


5. Molding characteristics

5.1 Flowability

5.2 Mold shrinkage

5.3 After-shrinkage

5.4 Thermal stability

6. Product design

6.1 Melt viscosity

6.2 PVT data

6.3 Linear expansion coefficient

6.4 Representative values

6.5 Other properties

6.6 Stress crack

7. Mold design

7.1 Sprues, runners

7.2 Gates

7.3 Draft angle

7.4 Undercut

7.5 Gas vents

7.6 Temperature control

7.7 Mold material

8. Countermeasures for detects


TOPAS® (COC) is the a product of TOPAS ADVANCED POLYMERS GmbH. Polyplastics Co., Ltd. (including subsidiaries) is an agent of TOPAS products and is the exclusive distributor in the Asia-Pacific region. Click . here to see the TOPAS ADVANCED POLYMERS GmbH website.


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