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Molding Technology for LAPEROS(R) LCP

Contents Introduction Pre-drying Use of Regrinds Selection of Molding Machine
 Mold Designing Molding Properties Molding Conditions Safety Precautions


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1. Introduction

2. Pre-drying

3. Use of Regrind

4. Selection of Molding Machine

5. Mold Designing

5.1 Mold Steel

5.2 Runners

5.3 Gates

5.4 Air Vents

6. Molding Properties

6.1 Flowability

6.2 Molding Shrinkage

6.3 After-Shrinkage

7. Molding Conditions

7.1 Cylinder Temperature

7.2 Mold Temperature

7.3 Plasticization

7.4 Injection Pressure and Injection Speed

7.5 Starting and Stopping the Molding Machine and Changing the Molding Material

8. Safety Precautions