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· Consult the appropriate bulletins for the grade to be used, technical data or Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for proper use of DURANEX® PBT.



· If DURANEX pellets lie scattered on the passage or floor, you may slip and stumble. Clean the passage or floor immediately.

· If DURANEX is caught on fire, use water, foam fire extinguishing system, chemical powder fire extinguishing system or carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system.


<Notes For Molding>

· Pre-dry under the following conditions. To keep the material dry, use of hopper dryer is recommended (95 - 105°C).

Predrying Temperature Predrying Time
120°C 5hrs.
*140°C *3hrs.

*This condition does not apply to some grade of DURANEX. Refer to the brochure.


· To prevent decomposition of material, follow the recommended conditions below.
1) Optimum material temperatures: 250 - 270°C Do not heat above 280°C.
2) Limit in-cylinder retention time:

Cylinder Temperature Maximum Residence Time
Slow Burning Type Flame Retarded Type
250°C 60min. 30min.
270°C 30min. 10min.

(The above conditions give a standard, and may vary under different conditions.)


· In case of decomposition of the material or any fear of decomposition, reduce the cylinder temperature and purge (discharge) the material from the cylinder. During purging,wear safety goggles and keep hands and face away from the nozzle section.

· When shutting down the molding operation, purge DURANEX and turn the heater off.

· Do not mix any colorants, additives or resins of other brands with DURANEX except those we recommend.

· When DURANEX is replaced by other material, DURANEX should be purged by Polyethylene (PE) or Polystyrene (PS).

· Keep the work place ventilated locally or entirely during operation.



· The information contained herein is all the data available at present for using this material. However, we have not confirmed the accuracy and integrity of the information in all its aspects.

· If the pellets leaks on the floor, plumbing, or elsewhere, it could damage the waterway and ocean environments. Be sure to repair all leaks immediately.