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DURANEX(R) PBT 457EV : Unreinforced Flame Retardant & High Impact Strength Grade





Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin is a material that exhibits an excellent balance of properties including mechanical properties, electrical properties, heat resistance, and chemical resistance, and furthermore, it is compounded with various additives and used in the form of unfilled materials, reinforced materials, and flame retardant materials. The excellent heat resistance, mechanical properties, and electrical properties of DURANEX® PBT are exploited in its use in a wide variety of application in a diverse array of market segments headed by electrical/electronic and automotive.

On the other hand, there is increasing interest in global environmental issues and CO2 reductions in the market, and new materials that can be applied to electric vehicles, solar power generation, and smart grids are needed. The electrical and electronic components used in these products are subject to stringent demands in terms of fire safety, and they need to satisfy flame retardation standards as prescribed by UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) standards such as UL94 and UL2251.



Safety Standards for Electrical Charging Connectors


Charging connectors used for charging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles as well as in-vehicle connectors need to conform to the UL 2251 and because the usage environment is often outdoors, it is difficult for plastics to be applied to these applications.

UL2251 defines flame retardance, electrical properties, heat resistance, and weather resistance to materials employed in charging connectors and until now, PBT materials that satisfied these standards were almost non-existent. In addition, charging connectors must also pass vehicle driveover test and drop impact test. On this account, high impact strength is required of materials.




Features of DURANEX® PBT 457EV


Our company has developed DURANEX 457EV which satisfies the UL2251 standard and we introduce its features below.


• High impact strength (room temperature-low temperature)
• Excellent weather resistance (f1 class) / moisture resistance /
   heat resistance (RTI : 125 )
• Highest level flame retardance (V-0, 5VA)
• Excellent electrical properties (CTI PLC rank 0)
• Good appearance (applicability for design components)


Table 1 shows the UL2251 standard requirements and UL- certified values of DURANEX 457EV. UL2251 requires flame retardance, electrical properties, heat resistance, and …

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