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Molding Technology for DURAFIDE(R) PPS

Content Introduction Molding Conditions Use of Regrind Mold Design
  Mold Shrinkage and Dimensional Accuracy Safety Precautions Molding Defects Countermeasures




2.Molding Conditions


       2.2Injection Molding Machine

       2.3Molding Conditions

       2.4Setting Molding Conditions

  (1)Cylinder Temperature
  (2)Mold Temperature
  (3)Injection pressure
  (4)Injection Speed
  (5)Back Pressure
  (6)Screw Speed
  (7)Retention in Cylinder

       2.5Purging after Molding

  (1)Stopping the
           Molding Machine
  (2)Starting the
           Molding Machine
  (3)Changing the
           Molding Material

3.Use of Regrind

4.Mold Design

  (1)Mold Material
  (2)Mold Temperature Control
  (3)Sprues and Runners
  (5)Wall Thickness of Molded Products
  (6)Release Taper
  (7)Air vent

5.Mold Shrinkage and Dimensional Accuracy

        5.1  Mold Shrinkage

  (1)Molding on a side gated mold
  (2)Molding on a pin-point gatedmold


        5.3Dimensional Accuracy

6.Safety Precautions

7.Handling of Natural Color Grades

8.Molding Defect Countermeasures