Member registration Q&A

Member registration Q&A


What is WEB@TSC? Who can become a member of WEB@TSC?


WEB@TSC is a membership site to provide customers using our products with further detailed technical information and services. Registration with WEB@TSC membership allows you to view a large number of members-only pages. You can also submit various inquiries online.

It's free. No admission fee or annual fee required. Apply for membership from the web link below.
[ Member registration ]

A customer who has purchased or is using the products of the Polyplastics Group, or anyone who considers to purchase or use them in future, can become a member.<br />However, those working for resin manufacturers or our competitors are requested to refrain from becoming members.


I entered an e-mail address on the membership registration page and sent it, however, I have not had any responses.


The e-mail address may have been mistakenly entered. Would you kindly check the e-mail address once again and apply from the Membership Registration page.
Even in that case, if no e-mail for registration is received, please contact your system responsible person since the e-mail may possibly be blocked in your e-mail server.
Even by the method described above, if no e-mail is received, please contact us from the Opinion and Request page.


E-mail address registered for membership is abolished.


Log in by the abolished e-mail address and password once to change membership registration information (change of e-mail address). If you have forgotten your password, please kindly carry out the membership procedures by the new e-mail address. Please click here.


I would like to change my registration information as a WEB@TSC member.


After login please click the "My Page" link which located in the top of page. Since the page which can perform a confirmation and change of the information, please use it.


My e-mail address and/or company name has changed. Are there any procedures required?


If your e-mail address and/or company name has changed, please update your membership information.

[ Update Procedures ]
First, please log into the WEB@TSC.
After logging in, click on the "MyPage" link at the upper right corner of the page.
Click on "Update" on the right side in "Membership" and edit the relevant information.

[ Attention ]
Your e-mail address is also your user name to log into WEB@TSC. If you changed your e-mail address, the new e-mail address will be your user name from the next log-in.
If you continue to use an invalid e-mail address, you can no longer receive a reissued password or an answer to your inquiry. Make sure to update it.
If the registered e-mail address cannot be used for some reason and you have forgotten your password, please carry out the membership registration again by the new e-mail address.


I forgot my user name for WEB@TSC.


The registered e-mail address at the time of sign-up is your user name.
Enter the e-mail address at the time of sign-up in the portion of the user name.
* If the e-mail address at the time of sign-up differs from the e-mail address currently used, please refer Q3.


Even if my user name and password are entered, the Login error screen appears.


User names and passwords are distinguished according to lowercase and uppercase characters and full-width and half-width characters. In addition, if the user name or password is entered with even a slight mistake such as a space being included, log-in is not allowed. Please try again by entering the correct name and password once again.

Is the user name correct? --- to Q6
Is the password correct? --- to Q9


Please tell me the method of changing my password.


After login to the WEB@TSC with your current password, click "My Page" button on the top of the screen. Then click "Update" of Password. You can change it on that page.

When you create a new password, please use the following words.
1 or more: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 or more: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
1 or more: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
1 or more: ! # $ % & ( ) = - @ + * / < > ? ' " ^ ~ | ` : ; , . _ [ ] { }

The password is a case sensitive, and distinguish between capital and small letters.
Shizuoka, SHIZUOKA, shizuoka and sHiZuoKA are different passwords.


I forget the password for the WEB@TSC.


Click on the "LOGIN" button at the upper right corner of the page.
Please use the "Did you forget your password?" link on the left side of log-in screen.
A "password reset link" will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

1. If the password is reissued, the previous password can no longer be used.
2. If the registered e-mail address is already not available, the password reissuing function cannot be used. In this case, please sign in again with a new e-mail address.
3. Because of personal information protection, we do not provide current passwords over the phone.
4. As a reissued password is sent by e-mail, password protection is not fully secured. We recommend that you change the password to a manageable one as soon as possible. To change the password, please refer Q8.


User name and password to be logged in are not known.


Please refer to the following for user name and password.
I forgot my user name for WEB@TSC. --- to Q6
I forgot my password for WEB@TSC. --- to Q9