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calculation of wear on gears

Please input parameters below and submit "Calculation" button.
helix angle (β) 0 [degree]
gear teeth perpendicular module [mm]
number of teeth of the gear being considered [pieces]
material (of the gear subject to calculation) DURACON unfilled
number of teeth of the mating gear [pieces]
material (mating gear) DURACON unfilled
grease lubrication existent nonexistent
mating gear width [mm]
torque [N・m]
rotational speed [rpm]
useful life required [rotations]
temperature of the environment of use [℃]
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We will consider shapes, conditions and materials which cannot be dealt with by this tool and prepare the report.
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Report samples

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This calculation tools are prepared based on the experiences and laboratory data accumulated by our company. We are not in a position to guarantee that these results can be applied as they are to each of the individual conditions of the customers. The customers are to make decisions by themselves about the utilization of such data. If you need more accuracy or practical step,