WEB@TSC Admission Method

This page describes the admission procedures for the membership site "WEB@TSC." Please carry out operation with reference to the figures and description.


(1) Go to the membership registration page


Click the "It's FREE. Sign up now."

Top page for languages


(2) Register e-mail address


Register your e-mail address. In order to prevent erroneous entry, enter the same address twice.

After entry address, read "Terms and conditions".

If you accept this rule, please check "I agree" and click "NEXT" button.

E-mail address registration


(3) Provisional registration confirmation


Please confirm your address, then click "SEND" button.

E-mail address registration


(4) Completion of registration procedure mail transmitting


Please confirm your address, then click "SEND" button.

E-mail address registration


Caution: Registration has not been completed.

Continuously, carry out actions described in section (3) and after.


(5) Go to Register Page


Start up your e-mail application.

After a few minutes, the e-mail described below will be received at the e-mail address you have sent us.

Click on a URL address listed in the e-mail.

*If it cannot be clicked => Please refer to Column.

Register Page Guide


§Column: You cannot click on a URL address?

It may not be possible to click on the URL address (character string starting from http) in the text depending on your mail application . In addition, in some cases, the address has been set not to function.

In such a case, copy the address described above manually and directly paste it into your address in your browser. After that, click the GO button to move to the designated address.

Column A


(6) Register member information


Read the cautionary items and enter member information. Columns with an asterisk mark require entry.

Member information registration page


The sequence of entry is finished, click "NEXT" button.

Next button


If there is any entry omission, an error will occur. In that case, return to the previous page by the "BACK" button. Do not use the "BACK" button on the browser.

Input error page


If there are no problems in the entry details, the following confirmation page will be displayed.


If there is no problem, click "APPLY" button.


If the following page is displayed, registration is completed.

Immediately after, a temporary password will be sent. Start up your e-mail application to check it.


(7) Check password


A password will be issued in a few minutes after registration is completed. The password will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

Start up your e-mail application to check it. In addition, as a trial, check that login is enabled with the user name and password.



With the above, membership registration is completed. Thank you.



§Column: Password change recommendation

Passwords are randomly created, and it cannot be said that passwords are fully secured in terms of transmission of e-mails. We recommend that you change the password to one that is easy for you to remember as soon as possible.


(8) Change password


When you login, the description of "WEB@TSC BOX " is changed. Click the "Change Password."


Enter your user name, previous password, new password. For the new password, enter the same password twice.

After entry, click the "Next" button.


§Column Characters usable for a password

Only half-size letters (uppercase and lowercase characters) and numeric characters can be used for a password. Please make sure not to attempt to use symbols such as "@" and "$," because these cannot be used.

In addition, be careful about distinguishing between uppercase and lowercase characters in a password.


The confirmation page is displayed. Confirm that your user name and new password are correct.

If they are correct, click the "Change" button.

If you need to try again, click the "BACK" button. Do not use the "BACK" button on the browser.


If the password is properly changed, the following page is displayed.



With the above, password change is completed. Thank you.