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Water Quality Inspection Bottles


COC Resin "TOPAS®" Has Been Adopted for Water Quality Inspection Bottles


COC resin "TOPAS®" has been adopted for water quality inspection bottles for coliform group bacteria and coliform bacilli. The bottle is a container bottle used for original culture media called "Nissui" EC blue of Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. This bottle is characterized by "simple, swift, and accurate detection" that enables simultaneous measurement of coliform group bacteria and coliform bacilli by use of two original culture media. Since an ultraviolet ray of 366nm is used for detection of coliform bacilli, the container bottle requires low autogenic fluorescent properties. In addition, for detection of coliform group bacteria, the container bottle requires high transparency and high water vapor barrier property in terms of long-term storage. COC resin "TOPAS®" is evaluated in terms of its low autogenic fluorescent properties, high transparency, high water vapor barrier property, and tolerance to electron beam sterilization and has been adopted for container bottles.



Judgment method of coliform bacilli


If fluorescence of powder blue to a bluish-purple color is confirmed under irradiation of an ultraviolet ray of 360nm, it is judged to be positive for coliform bacilli. Approximately 95% of coliform bacilli includes β- glucuronidase. Due to β- glucuronidase, a fluorescent substrate MUG is hydrolized to generate fluorescence of powder blue to a bluish-purple color under irradiation of ultraviolet rays.



Judgment method of coliform group bacteria


If blue to an aqua color is confirmed under natural light, it is judged to be positive for the coliform group bacteria. β-galactosidase containing bacteria which develops in this culture media is mainly the coliform group bacteria. Due to β-galactosidase, fluorescent substrate XGal is hydrolyzed to display blue to an aqua color.


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TOPAS® COC is developed by our subsidiary TOPAS Advanced Polymers GmbH and sold by Polyplastics in the Americas, Japan and Asia Pacific.