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Wide Variety of DURACON(R) POM High Sliding Grades

1. Overview

Engineering resins are used in a wide variety of mechanical components such as gears, bearings, cams, door wheels and rollers in a wide range of applications, from AV (audio visual) and OA (office automation) systems, to home appliances, automotive components, toys, stationery and more.


Most of the resins used in these applications are crystallized resins because they have superior anti-friction and anti-fatigue properties in comparison to non-crystallized resins. Among crystallized resins, POM is used in the majority of these applications because, in comparison to other resins such as PA and PBT, POM is most suitable due to its superior strength and stiffness in a temperature range from 60℃ to 80℃ (from 140°F to 176°F), which is typical in OA (office automation) and automotive applications. Another ...

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