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Introducing RENATUS(R) PET RH030 and RH045

Introducing RENATUS® PET RH030 and RH045
New grades for automotive exterior components, with superior mechanical properties, appearance, and weather resistance

1. Introduction

On April 1, 2021, we changed our trademark for PET resin products from FR-PET® to RENATUS®. With the needs and expectations of the market and our customers in mind, we are setting out on a new beginning in PET at Polyplastics as a strong pillar of our business portfolio.

We are now releasing two new grades of RENATUS® PET with superior weather resistance, RH030 and RH045. In addition to superior mechanical properties and surface appearance, they also effectively reduce whitening on the surface of molded articles in environments susceptible to the effects of weathering (Table 1), making them ideally suited for applications such as automotive exterior components (Figure 1).

Figure 1 : Anticipated applications


Table 1 : Attributes of RENATUS® PET RH030/RH045 in automotive exterior components
Parameter Unit Mold temperature Mechanical properties Weather resistance Appearance Molding cycle
PBT PBT-GF30/GF45 60℃ × ×
PET Existing grade


RH030/RH045 140℃

2. Weather resistance

Here we will share the results of weather resistance testing using Sunshine Weather Meter (open frame carbon arc weather meter) which we performed on flat plate test pieces of RH030, RH045, and products from other companies. Figure 2 shows comparisons of test piece surface color in accelerated weather resistance testing (L* (+light ⇔ -dark), a* (+red ⇔ -green), and b* (+yellow ⇔ -blue)). Looking at L* which is an index for brightness, we can see that our materials maintain lower values than those of competitors, indicating that whitening is being reduced.

Figure 3 shows photos of the appearance of the test pieces for which L* was measured in Figure 2. After weather resistance testing using Sunshine Weather Meter (3,000 hours), we can visually verify that Polyplastics materials show reduced whitening compared to the materials of other companies.

* Testing standards: JIS D0205 / WAN-1S, black panel temperature: 63±3℃

Figure 2 : Color evaluation on the appearance of test pieces after weather resistance testing using Sunshine Weather Meter

Accelerated weather
resistance testing
RH030 Competitor materials RH045 Competitor materials
Before testing

After testing

(3,000 hrs.)

Figure 3 : Comparison of test piece appearance before and after accelerated weather resistance testing using Sunshine Weather Meter

3. Superior appearance

Resin typically has glass fibers added to make it stronger, but this has a negative effect on the surface appearance of molded articles. RH030 and RH045 are also glass fiber reinforced grades, but they can still produce molded articles with good surface appearance because they have superior mold transferability during molding.

Figure 4 compares gloss on the surface of molded test pieces. Compared to standard grade PBT-GF30, RH045 (PET-GF45) produces higher surface gloss even though it has a large amount of glass fibers added.

Figure 4 : Gloss of the surface of molded test pieces

4. High mechanical properties

PET typically has superior mechanical properties compared to PBT. Figure 5 compares PBT and PET with the same amount of glass fibers added. We can see that RH030 and RH045 have higher mechanical properties of tensile strength, flexural modulus, and deflection temperature under load compared to PBT with the same amount of glass fibers added.

Figure 5 : Comparison of the mechanical properties of PBT and PET

5. Conclusion

RH030 and RH045 are high-strength, high-stiffness PET glass fiber reinforced grades with heightened weather resistance. They maintain their jet blackness even when exposed outdoors or in other similar environments for extended periods of time, making them ideally suited for automotive exterior components.

At Polyplastics, we will continue making advancements in development to be able to offer grades for various market needs and usage applications.

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15th November 2021