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Medical Use Material

Medical applications with TOPAS® COC ( 331KB )

COC resin TOPAS® is a high quality and highly pure amorphous cyclic olefin resin by our original metallocene catalyst technique.
In the medical field including medical equipment and inspection diagnosis jigs, etc., with strict demand criteria, TOPAS® offers optimal characteristics and cost performance as an alternative material for high quality and high cost quartz glass and PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane), etc.

<Prefilled syringe & Plastic vial>
Prefilled syringes have been increasingly used in place of glass material mainly in Europe.
TOPAS® is an optimal alternative material in the case of changing from glass material to plastic material because of characteristics including improved defective fraction by breakage in the production process, light weight, free from metal based eluted substances, best vapor barrier property (long-life nature) in plastic materials, and high transparency equivalent to glass.
Also in the plastic vial, similar characteristics are retained, in particular, if a long-life nature is demanded, TOPAS® is an optimal plastic material.

<Microtiter plates>
In the inspection instrument application, TOPAS® has been adopted in Microtiter plates and biochips.
The Microtiter plate is a laboratory and inspection instrument used for biochemical analysis and clinical assay, etc. Porous type Microtiter plates (384 holes) adopting TOPAS® contribute to labor savings, reductions in the weight of samples, and refinement of data, and respond to the trend (high throughput) in the current biochemical and chemical fields where a large amount of samples and data are attempted to be processed at once. If a special organic solvent (DMSO) or heat resistance is demanded for analysis of DNA or proteins, etc., it can be said that TOPAS® is an optimal plastic material. In addition, as the self-fluorescence emission property is low and the chemical resistance except for petroleum or nonpolar solvents is high, TOPAS® is a material suitable for container applications for carrying out detection by use of UV light, etc.

This is a simple measuring instrument for determination of BSE or Avian Flu, and for biochips to be used as a reaction cell, fine transcription property, low autofluorescent emission property, and heat resistance are demanded. TOPAS® is evaluated as a plastic material optimal for this application since it satisfies these required characteristics and has high mold transcription property and superior cost performance brought about by its high flowability.

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