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Wide Variety of DURACON® POM Low-VOC Grades

Wide Variety of DURACON® POM Low-VOC Grades

DURACON® POM is an engineering plastic that is used is an extremely wide variety of fields and applications, owing to its well-balanced properties. Polyplastics also offers a range of low-VOC grades that are similarly suited to a variety of applications, with Table 1 showing the typical grades available.

In addition to our standard grades (M90LV, M270LV, M25LV), we offer a wide range of special low-VOC grades, such as an improved weather resistance grade (M90-45LV), an improved sliding property grade, and a glass reinforced grade (GH-25LV). This enables measures for the reduction of VOCs in a variety of components and applications.

1. High Sliding + Low-VOC: NW-02LV

DURACON is widely used in fields where abrasion is a concern. Our customers can choose from a selection of high sliding grades that are adapted to various usage conditions, particularly in relation to products that require improved sliding property, friction resistance, and/or rubbing noise. We also offer a range of low-VOC grades that are similarly suited to a variety of usage conditions. Here we introduce one such typical grade, NW-02LV.


   Characteristics of High Sliding Grade NW-02LV

  • Exhibits stable friction and abrasion characteristics across a wide range of loads, from

    low to high.

  • Exhibits stable friction and abrasion characteristics across a wide range of

    temperatures, from low temperatures to high temperatures.

  • Exhibits excellent friction and abrasion characteristics, regardless of the type of mating


  • Produces low levels of sliding noise when used in components such as gears.

  • Exhibits excellent flow properties, and can be expected to demonstrate superior

    productivity and dimensional accuracy.

  • Exhibits similarly-excellent moldability to standard DURACON.

2. Weather Resistance + Low-VOC: M90-45LV

As with other thermoplastics, POM becomes discolored and experiences deterioration of its physical properties in applications where it is exposed to ultraviolet light, such as in outdoor use. DURACON M90-45LV features improved weather resistance, and its use in such instances delays the deterioration caused by ultraviolet light and the corresponding degradation of physical properties.

3. Low Gloss + Low-VOC: LU-02LV

DURACON is primarily used in mechanical components. However, some of these may also be used in a manner that causes them to be visible and exposed to the external environment. Grades with improved weather resistance are used extensively in such cases. Furthermore, there is a demand for molded articles with high-quality matt surface finishes that also exhibit similar performance to these weather (light) resistant grades, primarily within automotive fields.

In such instances, Polyplastics recommends DURACON LU-02LV. This grade gives molded articles a low-gloss, understated surface finish while offering superior light resistance.

4. Metallic Appearance + Low-VOC: MC Series

Resin products with a metallic appearance may be used in automobile interior and exterior components for reasons of design and quality. Traditionally, these components commonly consisted of coated or plated resin molded articles. However, factors such as reduction of VOC emissions, reduction of environmental impact during manufacture, and cost reduction have led to a rising use of pre-colored, metallic-effect resins.

While POM exhibits excellent chemical resistance, it is not easily plated or coated. Our MC Series allows for a metallic appearance to be easily obtained just by molding, without the need for plating or coating. This series utilizes a low-VOC weather resistant grade as its base, and this base material is dyed using an aluminum pigment. It is ideal for imparting a metallic appearance to visible automobile cabin interior components that require low-VOC properties and weather resistance.

5. Impact Resistance/Flexibility + Low-VOC: TF-10LV

Various types of resin clip components are used for the purpose of securing automotive structural parts in place. Standard grades of DURACON resin are widely used in resin clip components.

Depending on the usage environment and product specifications, there may be a demand for materials that are imparted with higher impact resistance and flexibility than standard grades. In such cases, Polyplastics recommends DURACON TF-10LV, which features optimized flexural modulus and tensile elongation at break.

6. Glass Fiber Reinforced + Low-VOC: GH-25LV

GH-25 is reinforced with a glass fiber filling, which allows it to be used in higher temperature and load environments than unfilled materials. The advantage of the material in terms of its mechanical properties is not limited to high strength and rigidity; it also exhibits improved long-term characteristics (creep resistance, fatigue resistance) and improved deflection temperature under load.

7. High Rigidity/Low Warpage + Low-VOC: TR-20LV

TR-20 is reinforced with an inorganic filler, giving the material improved flexural strength and flexural modulus. As it also exhibits an improved deflection temperature under load, it offers superior mechanical properties in high-temperature environments than standard materials. As the inorganic filler lacks the polarity of glass fibers, anisotropy is low and the material exhibits little deformation or warpage.

Table 1. Example of DURACON® POM Low-VOC Grade Lineup

Grade Name Characteristics Examples of Use in Automobile Interior
M90LV Standard Standard Cam/Link Parts, etc.
M25LV High Viscosity
(High Creep Characteristics)
Window Parts, etc.
M270LV High Flowability Cam/Link Parts, etc.
M90-45LV Improved Weather Resistance Levers/Knobs, etc.
NW-02LV High Sliding Car Audio/Navigation System Parts, etc.
LU-02LV Low Gloss/Weather Resistance Levers/Knobs, etc.
TF-10LV High Impact/Flexibility Clips, etc.
GH-25LV Glass Fiber Reinforced Gears, Sun Visors, etc.
TR-20LV High Rigidity/Low Warpage Gears, etc.

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14th November 2017