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COC resin TOPAS® is used for a wide range of applications as a high functional packaging material due to superior properties including a high moisture barrier property, an aroma retaining property, and dead fold characteristics, etc.
In addition, TOPAS® is superior especially in compatibility with LLDPE, can be blended at a desired ratio, and used as a modifier of PE.

<Improvement in strength>
Standing pouch superior in design property has been increasingly used for detergents and foods, etc.
Standing pouch requires a film with strength (thickness) for exterior packaging in order to exert a self-standing property.
By blending TOPAS® with PE for the sealant layer to increase strength, the exterior packaging film can be made thin keeping rigidity of the entire film, and this contributes to reductions in the weight of packaging materials.

Fig. 1 Improvement in tensile modulus of LLDPE by TOPAS®

<Development for medical use packaging materials>
TOPAS® is a material with a high moisture barrier property and suitable for PTP. The thermo-forming property has been improved, and the thickness on the corners is made uniform to improve rigidity, thereby enabling a thin-wall design. In addition, almost all TOPAS® grades have been registered with the drug master file (DMF#12132) and FDA device master file (MAF#1043) in the United States, and can be used as medical use packaging materials.

Fig. 2 Moisture/Gas barrier property of TOPAS®

<Development for shrink label>
PET and PS have been mainly used for shrink labels for PET bottles, however, olefin resins have been adapted for some of them.
By blending TOPAS® in olefin, shrink characteristics (speed, mold shrinkage) can be controlled, this is especially effective for special-formed bottles.
In addition, olefin film has advantages in superior low temperature impact resistance and elasticity.
In some European countries, olefin film has been adapted from the standpoint of recyclability because bottles and film can be separated according to the difference in specific gravity.

Fig. 3 Shrinkage curve of TOPAS® blended stretching film

<Improvement in hot tack property>
Hot tack property (Hot sealability) is an index indicating viscosity of a sealed portion in a melt state immediately after sealing.
If this value is low, after filling content immediately after sealing, the bottom portion opens.
By blending TOPAS®, hot tack property can be improved, and it is effective for improvements in productivity.

Fig. 4 Sealability of TOPAS® /PE blend film

<Improvement in easy-cut performance>
Non-stretching films such as LLDPE and LDPE are generally viscoelastic and difficult to cut by hand.
By blending TOPAS®, the Elmendorf tearing strength can be controlled, thereby imparting easy-cut performance and straight cut performance.
This film has been practically used as a packaging material for foods and medical purposes.

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TOPAS® COC is the product of TOPAS ADVANCED POLYMERS GmbH. Polyplastics Co. Ltd.(including subsidiaries) is an agent of TOPAS products in Asia/Pacific region as the exclusive distributor. Here is the website of TOPAS ADVANCED POLYMERS GmbH, please check it too.