WEB@TSC Membership Terms Revised
WEB@TSC membership terms have been revised on Mar. 4, 2020.   Click here for details

What is WEB@TSC?

   WEB@TSC is a membership site to provide customers using our products with further detailed technical information and services. Registration with WEB@TSC membership allows you to view a large number of members-only pages. You can also submit various inquiries online.

   Apply for membership from the web link below. It's free. No admission fee or annual fee required.


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Examples of members-only content

Designing support tool

   Computation tool for plastics designed with our complete knowledge, including fatigue / wearing of gears and snap-fit. “Beam strength calculation” is also available for nonmembers.

Chemical substances certificate

   You can request certificates on chemical substances such as ROHS and IMDS online. We will respond to you in 1-10 days, depending on the content of your request.

Detailed properties

   A wide variety of data types about our materials including flowability, chemical resistance, and fatigue characteristics are available.

(Example: Flowability data , Tensile stress-strain curves )

Industrial application

   Various products which can be made using our plastic materials are introduced. (Example: Automobiles )

Various inquiries(Now available for both WEB@TSC members and guest users)

   Product information, technical details, business details, etc. Our engineers will kindly answer your questions based on our abundance of experience and data. (Here are examples of inquiries we have actually received. )

Molding troubleshooting

   This contains our knowledge on molding troubles of our materials. Refer to this page when trouble occurs during molding. This will be useful.


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