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Regarding contents and published data


1. All property values shown in this site are the typical values obtained under varying conditions prescribed by applicable standards and test method.


2. This site has been prepared based on our own experiences and laboratory test data, and therefore all data shown here are not always applicable to parts used under different conditions. We do not guarantee that these data are directly applicable to the application conditions of users and we ask each user to make his own decision on the application.


3. It is the users' responsibility to investigate patent rights, service life and potentiality of applications introduced in this site. Materials we supply are not intended for the implant applications in the medical and dental fields, and therefore are not recommended for such uses.


4. For safe handling of materials we supply, it is advised to refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of the corresponding material.

   SDS:  http://www.polyplastics.com/en/msds/


5. This site is edited based on reference literature, information and data available to us at the time of creation. The contents of this brochure are subject to change without notice upon achievement of new data.


6. Please contact our office for any questions about products we supply, descriptive literatures or any description in this site.



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Prohibited acts regarding this site


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2. The home page contents of third parties other than this company which have links from this site or are linked to this site are the responsibility of the individual company, and are not administered by Polyplastics. This company will not bear any responsibility for the contents of linked home pages, or damages resulting from its use thereof.


3. The following types of links are explicitly prohibited.


· Links from sites that include content that is either slanderous or damages the reputation of Polyplastics and its products and services.


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Governing laws and competent court


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