DURANEX(R) PBT Flame Retardant Grades -- Ready to Meet Your Every Need

DURANEX® PBT Flame Retardant Grades -

Ready to Meet Your Every Need

Polybutylene terephthalate resin (PBT) boasts an outstanding balance of characteristics including mechanical properties, electrical properties, durability, and moldability. Different types of PBT can be created through the addition of various additives, allowing it to be put to use in a variety of applications --- from the electrical/electronic to the automotive fields.

Recent years have seen a real escalation in safety requirements for reducing the risk of fires, and material requirements for improving the durability of components. At Polyplastics, we develop flame retardant PBT grades that meet these demands. The items that we use every day are constantly evolving and it is essential to ensure that improvements in flammability and moldability are keeping up. That's what led us to develop various types of flame retardant grades with unique features such as low warpage, halogen-free, outstanding glow wire properties, and more. More recently, we expanded our product range to feature flame retardant grades with higher long-term durability.

Polyplastics provides a diverse range of grades with different characteristics, which place the highest importance on safety, durability and compliance with international standards. We are ready to meet your every need.

DURANEX® PBT NF Series with Halogen-Free Flame Retardant

Corporate policies and environmental protection initiatives have created a demand for halogen-free flame retardant materials. The DURANEX® PBT NF Series features materials that rise to the challenge. One of the drawbacks of conventional halogen-based flame retardant PBT materials is its poor tracking resistance. The drastically improved tracking resistance of the DURANEX PBT NF Series allows for increased design freedom, including shortening of the creepage distance between terminals.

High Glow Wire Ignition Temperature (GWIT) DURANEX® PBT 330GW

All three standard thicknesses of DURANEX PBT 330GW fulfil the requirements of IEC60335-1, an international standard relating to the safety of major household appliances. This material exhibits outstanding glow wire characteristics, with an ignition temperature (GWIT) of 775℃ or above. Parts composed of 330GW are exempt from glow wire testing (GWT), regardless of their thickness or shape. Here you can see an example of the material's employment in electric hybrid bicycles.

DURANEX® PBT LT Series with Improved Long-Term Properties

Until now, there have been very few flame retardant PBT materials that exhibit heat shock resistance. However, the growing prevalence of electric automobiles and hybrid cars has led to a surge in demand for this type of material. We knew we had to innovate. That's why Polyplastics developed the LT Series, which features improved heat shock resistance and hydrolysis resistance.

DURANEX® PBT 950SM with Low Warpage and Hydrolysis Resistance

We developed this material for application in equipment for next-generation electric power networks, such as solar power networks. 950SM exhibits flame retardancy, low warpage, and hydrolysis resistance. It is ideal for use in components requiring low warpage, such as housing materials, and environments requiring durability, such as outdoor environments.

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22th March 2017