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31Hit Grades

Property Characteristic Compare Grade Color No. UL94
High strength・ High Toughness  Standard   A130 VF2001/BK010P  V-0 
High stiffness  A150 VF2001/BK210P  V-0 
Low anisotropy   A150B VF2001/BK213P  V-0 
Low warpage  A150F VF2001/BK013P  V-0 
CF reinforced   A230 BK430P  V-0 
Low warpage, High stiffness  A410 VF2001/BK010P  V-0 
Low wear  A430 VF2002/BK010P  V-0 
Low warpage, High stiffness  A470 BK210P  V-0 
High Rigidity  Standard   B130 VF2001/BK010P  V-0 
CF reinforced  B230 BK430P  V-0 
Heat Resistant  Mineral reinforced, Whiteness  C400 VF2001  V-0 
Super High Flow  Chopped glass fiber reinforced, Encapsulation  D130M BK010P  V-0 
Standard, For SMT  Low injection pressure, High flow  E130G VF2201/BK210P  V-0 
Standard  E130i VF2201/BK210P/BK205P  V-0 
Low warpage, Low anisotropy  E463i VF2201/BK210P  V-0 
Low warpage, Standard   E471i VF2201/BK210P  V-0 
Low warpage, High flow  E473i VF2201/BK210P  V-0 
E477i VF2201/BK210P  V-0 
Good dimensional stability  E480i VF2201/BK210P  V-0 
Low warpage, Low anisotropy  E481i VF2201/BK210P  V-0 
Standard, High flow, For SMT  Standard  GA130 VF2201/BK210P  V-0 
Low warpage, Low anisotropy  GA463 VF2201/BK210P  V-0 
GA481 VF2201/BK210P  V-0 
Low warpage, Super High Flow  HA475 VF2201/BK210P  V-0 
High heat resistance, High-temperature stiffness  Glass fiber reinforced, Standard  S135 VF2001/BK010P  V-0 
Low injection pressure, High flow  S140M VF2001/BK010P  V-0 
High stiffness  S150 VF2001/BK010P  V-0 
Low warpage, Standard  S471 VF2001/BK010P  V-0 
Low warpage, Super high flow  S475 VF2001/BK010P  V-0 
High heat resistance, High MP  Glass Fiber reinforced, Standard  T130 VF2001/BK005P  V-0 
Glass fiber reinforced, High stiffness  T150 BK005P  V-0