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22Hit Grades

Property Characteristic Compare Grade Color No. Color
Glass Fiber reinforced  High toughness  1130A1 HF2000/HD9050  V-0 
Standard, Low flash  1130A64 HD9100  V-0 
Special  High Impact  1130T6 HD9050  V-0 (1.6mm) 
Glass Fiber reinforced  High toughness  1140A1 HF2000/HD9050  V-0 
High strength  1140A6 HF2000/HD9100  V-0 
Standard, Low flash  1140A64 HF2000/HD9100  V-0 
Low Chlorine  1140A66 HD9100/HD9001  V-0 
Ultrahigh flow, Low flash  1140A7 HF2000/HD9050  V-0 
Special  Conductive, Low Wear  2130A1 HD9000  V-0 
Low Wear  3130A1 HF2000/HD9100  V-0 
High Impact  6150T6 HF2000/HD9100  V-0 (Only black) 
Glass Fiber and Mineral reinforced  Dimensionally precise,Standard  6165A4 HF2000/HD9050  V-0 
6165A6 HF2000/HD9100  V-0 
Dimensionally precise,Low flash  6165A7 HF2000/HD9100  V-0 
Low Fuel Swelling Material  6165A7S HD9050  -
Special  Low Wear  6345A4 HF2000/HD9050  V-0 
Glass Fiber and Mineral reinforced  Low Warpage, Higher gloss  6465A6 HD9050  V-0 
6465A62 HF2000/HD9100  V-0 
Moldable at low mold temperature, Adhesion-enhanced  6565A6 HF2000/HD9050  V-0 
6565A7 HD9050  V-0 
Special  Conductive, Low Wear  7140A4 HD9000  V-0 
Electric conductive  7340A4 HD9000  V-0 (3.0mm)