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Polyplastics Dojo

What is the Polyplastics Dojo?

The Polyplastics Dojo is able to graphically reproduce the atmosphere of injection molding even for beginners. In addition, it is also configured so that it can be enjoyed by intermediate-level staff in that we have prepared various pattern such as reject countermeasures and molding cycle time shortening.

I have almost no experience with injection molding.

If you know the basis terminology and the construction of a molding machine, you can easily conduct simulations. Please try it out as if it were a game. Just what is molding? We'll be delighted if your understanding is deepened more than what it is now!


(*If you want to know about injection molding at first … Show general description of an injection-molding machine )

To the Polyplastics Dojo

Injection Molding 1
Injection Molding 2
Shortening the Molding Cycle
Multiple Stage Injection