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PBT is a linear thermoplastic saturated polyester containing ester bonds in its main chain. PBT stands for polybutylene terephthalate.

The polymer belongs to the same family as PET resin.

Chemical structure

PBT possesses a high melting point and high crystallinity, while low water absorption and thermal expansion coefficient give the resin superior dimensional stability. Electrical properties are also superior, and only small changes in electrical properties are exhibited as a result of moisture absorption. Dielectric breakdown voltage is also high.

Both crystalline and non-crystalline structures coexist in PBT. As a result, additives can be readily employed to improve properties and render functionality. The grade line up includes a variety of grades possessing various features, such as flame retardant grades, fast molding cycle grades, and high impact strength grades.

PBT is adopted in a wide variety of familiar products used in every day life, such electrical components (connectors, microswitches, and condenser cases, etc.), OA equipments keyboards, telephones, auto parts (including in-car electronic products and outer door handles), medical devices, construction materials, and precision equipment.

  DVD-ROM drive frames Aerosol valves/weights Electric relay components for air bags
  DVD-ROM drive frames Aerosol valves/weights Electric relay components
for air bags



DURANEX(R) PBT is manufactured and sold by WinTech Polymer Ltd., an associated company.


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