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Frequent comments and requests

Please contact us from here for sales content including selection and sales of materials.

  • Do you have a catalogue for grades which are not included in the physical property catalogue?
  • We are currently considering a change of materials. Please recommend some materials.
  • We need a quotation.

Click here regarding various certificates including investigation on use of chemicals

  • Do you have any measurement data for items not posted on the website.
  • Please tell us about resistance properties for chemicals not posted on the website.
  • Please tell us about registered information including the UL file No. of DURACON M90-44.

Click here for content regarding various certificates including RoHS

  • Can we request an investigation of chemical substances from you according to the format specified by a customer?
  • We want to send attached files because we handle a wide variety of chemical substances.
  • We need ELV 4 elements analysis data and a RoHS certificate.

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