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CEO Message

CEO Message
President & CEO Noboru Goto

Continuing to Contribute to Our Customers and Society as the No. 1 Solution Provider for Engineering Plastics

The Polyplastics Group, ever since its establishment in 1962, has steadily contributed to society by developing a business devoted to the manufacture and sale of engineering plastics in Japan and overseas. Today, that business has grown to make Polyplastics a leading engineering plastics company in the Asia-Pacific region.

This year, we are proud to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our foundation. This milestone is truly a direct reflection of your warm understanding and support. Upon this occasion, and on behalf of all Polyplastics employees, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for that precious assistance.

The Polyplastics ideal has always been to excel as a company that constantly earns the trust and esteem of its customers. True to this objective, we have advanced all corporate initiatives hand in hand with our customers. That ranges from the development and supply of advanced and high value-added products, to the furnishing of intricately detailed technical services. Striving through this devoted collaboration to contribute to both our customers and the society in general comprises, unquestionably, our greatest satisfaction as an accomplished materials producer.

In renewing our recognition of this basic stance, and to preserve and further expand the genuine corporate strength necessary to contribute to society within the fierce conditions emerging in the world, in 2010 we established a new "Corporate Philosophy."

Briefly stated, we declared our determination to become the "No. 1 Solution Provider for Engineering Plastics." This, we are confident, expresses the true spirit of what Polyplastics is determined to accomplish.

More specifically, this refers to becoming, "The company recognized as the best (No. 1) partner, indispensable for customers in their own business endeavors," and, "The company able to provide the best (No.1) value to customers." By setting our sights on these two "No. 1" categories, the goal is to redouble our contributions to society from here on as well.

The tough demands facing today's companies include those of product quality, safety, progressive responses to the environment, management stressing the importance of people and other aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR). At Polyplastics as well, the mission to maintain sound business activities includes strengthened compliance and other key management practices, together with undertakings anchored in firm awareness of our environmental obligations as a responsible member of the local community and the society at large. Rooted in these and other commitments, the Polyplastics quest is to always serve as a solid force of progress and good wherever we do business.

Polyplastics Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Noboru Goto


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