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Social Activities

Social Activities

Polyplastics Group engages in business with the support of various stakeholders. Today, corporate social responsibility is one of the top priorities for many corporations. It is crucial for sustained development that we gain stakeholders' recognition of our contributions, and cultivate and sustain sound relationships with them. Polyplastics Group acts as a responsible member of society in every aspect of its business activities, promoting harmony and prosperity for all citizens.

Social Contribution Policy

Pursuant to the Group Conduct Policy, as a good corporate citizen, the Polyplastics Group shall contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of society.
Furthermore, the Group shall encourage each and every employee to enhance their personal growth and improve their self-esteem through continued activities and support that will further the fruitful coexistence of our Group and society.

  1. We shall contribute to the development of a prosperous and sustainable society by supplying engineering plastics and applying our technology and development capabilities in our business activities.
  2. 2We shall utilize our Group resources and do whatever we can to find solutions to the problems faced by society.
  3. We shall value our relationships with local communities, and promote activities rooted in those communities.
  4. We shall encourage and support the voluntary social participation of each and every one of our employees.

CSR Report 2016

The CSR Report 2016 has been released in PDF format.

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