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Stand Closest to Our Customers

Polyplastics will work together with our customers to create values as an expert in engineering plastics that can make the customers' potential ideas a reality.

Supporting Better Manufacturing through Our Solutions

Under the "Polyplastics-Way", one of our Corporate Values, the Sales and Marketing Division and the Research and Development Division come together to provide technical support to help our customers achieve better manufacturing. It's about more than just providing molding materials; from the stage of resin conceptualization onward, we stand closest to our customers and use the experience we have cultivated over many years to guide them through all the stages of a total solution, from selecting the optimal materials, to developing and providing the prototype materials, to mass production.

How Our Solutions Work


3,206 Test Reports Submitted Yearly!

We compile the experiment results of product assessment and analysis into test reports to submit to our customers. In FY2017, we submitted 3,206 test reports, which we believe shows our commitment to supporting our customers and their manufacturing. We will continue to stand closest to our customers and work together with them to create values.

Supporting Our Customers in Various Ways

WEB@TSC®(Free Online Technical Support for Members)

WEB@TSC® is our website that provides customer support anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our engineers are standing by with a wealth of data and experience, to answer technology and sales questions, issue requested certificates, and more. The website provides thorough response for over 15,000 questions and requests per year, and is used by more than 30,000 customers in 50 countries around the world.

* Join [WEB@TSC] at click here

Holding and Participating in Exhibitions

We proactively participate in exhibitions both at home and abroad to present our latest materials and solution technologies directly to our customers. We also host annual Innovation Shows at our Technical Solution Center in Fuji, and visit our customers both in Japan and overseas to hold many seminars and private shows for introducing our technologies. We will continue to proactively participate in exhibitions because we value these chances to communicate with our customers.

PLAMOS®(Paid Assistant Service for Plastic Products Development)

PLAMOS is a group of experts in the field of plastics, using the technology Polyplastics has accumulated over many years of experience to provide product development support for our customers.

We cover all phases of development, from the components conceptualization stage to prototyping, mold design, molding, and performance evaluation. We propose the optimal processing methods, forms, and materials to our customers while mining new technologies from the market.

Tools that use PLAMOS technology AKI-Lock® bonding technology (for dissimilar materials) is used to create a leak-proof cup using PPS and elastomer, as well as a collapsible "no-squeak" hanger made of POM and PBT

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We regularly conduct Customer Satisfaction Survey to provide our customers with services that will meet with their satisfaction. In FY2017, we conducted the following survey.

In FY2017, 72% of respondents were either "very satisfied" or "satisfied", and 3% answered either "dissatisfied" or "very dissatisfied". There were also comments requesting for technology seminars, so we plan to consider holding seminars from the next fiscal year onward.

We will take the result of this survey sincerely and work hard to further improve customer satisfaction on a company-wide basis.

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Awards from Customers

During FY2017, We received the following awards from our customers in recognition of our technological support activities. (Awards are listed in order of date awarded.)

Global Contribution Award,
Nifco Inc.

(right) Mr. Toshiyuki Yamamoto, President & CEO, Nifco Inc.
(left) Toshio Shiwaku, Representative Director and President, Polyplastics

We are honored to have received the Global Contribution Award from Nifco Inc. as a symbol of Nifco's appreciation for the contributions of the Polyplastics' Group network around the world. We hope to continue to contribute to our customers and their manufacturing in this way and to build trusting relationships with them.

Supplier Best Quality Award in 2017,
Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic Co., Ltd.

Award of Best Cost Support Supplier 2017,
PT Keihin Indonesia

Excellent Management Support Award,