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Polyplastics' Engineering Plastics

Polyplastics' Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics are high-performance plastics with excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. They have applications in many aspects of our everyday lives.

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With its properties of self-lubrication, grease resistance, and well-balanced mechanical functions, it was initially applied to machine parts such as gears, which were made of metal at the time. Today, its applications have expanded to include domestic items such as fasteners, safety-related parts like seatbelt lock mechanisms, and automobile fuel system parts.

Portable Cassette Player

Portable cassette players offered a new kind of lifestyle, allowing us to take music with us to enjoy while out and about. As manufacturers pursued ever smaller, lighter, and longer-playing devices, DURACON® POM kept the product strong while achieving comfortable operability and high sound quality.



Its unique combination of heat resistance and electrical properties makes PBT a particularly adaptable material, capable of adopting diverse characteristics thanks to its excellent compatibility with many different types of reinforcement agents and additives.

PHEV Electricity Supply Connectors

With the rapidly growing popularity of hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, there is a rising focus on the supply of electric power from these vehicles. Connectors made with DURANEX® PBT are voltage and flame resistant to withstand high electric current, and strong enough to withstand accidents such as being dropped.



Polyplastics was the first in Japan to compound and release a linear PPS resin product, which utilizes linear PPS polymer (manufactured and provided by Kureha Corporation). With its high-performing mechanical strength and heat as well as chemical and flame resistance, the material has improved elongation and shock resistance to realize higher toughness than in previous PPS.

Electric Cooling Water Pump for PHEV Engines

In a world-first, conventional complex, multi-part metal components have been replaced with components of highly rigid DURAFIDE® PPS, which has superior resistance to heat, hot water, and chemicals. This innovation has meant improved production efficiency and weight reduction, and the reduced load on the engine has contributed to greater fuel efficiency.



LCP is a typical super engineering plastic, which boasts high fluidity while being moldable even when formed into extremely thin shapes-specifications that far exceed those of ordinary engineering plastics. LCP is highly resistant to heat and has incomparable mechanical strength and a metal-like low expansion rate that causes the strength to increase as the thickness of the material decreases.

Narrow-Pitch Connectors for Smartphones

hile smartphones' internal electronic components need to be ever smaller and thinner, there can be no compromise on their performance and strength. These narrow-pitch connectors take full advantage of the fact that the LAPEROS® LCP gets several orders of magnitude stronger the thinner it becomes.



Its excellent transparency and gloss make this amorphous resin useful in optics such as camera lenses for smartphones and in medical equipment such as pre-filled syringes. With its excellent properties in moisture-proofing, chemical resistance, and safety, COC is also suitable for application in packaging materials for pharmaceuticals and foods.

Pre-Filled Syringes for Medical Applications

Pre-filled syringes are made with TOPAS® COC, whose chemical resistance and moisture-resistance make it suitable for long-term storage, and which is also highly transparent. Compared with glass syringes, these plastic syringes are contributing to improved productivity and prevention of breakage during use.

The 1960s was the age of creation of engineering plastics.
Since its foundation as Japan's first manufacturer of engineering plastics, Polyplastics has focused its efforts on the provision of technical services.
Compounds are blends of plastics with additives such as glass fibers to enhance the functionality of the product.
From the 1990s onward, the company became increasingly active in Japan and other parts of Asia.
Applications of engineering plastics were expanded to food packaging and the medical field.
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