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Polyplastics' Engineering Plastics

Polyplastics' Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics are high-performance plastics with excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. They have applications in many aspects of our everyday lives.

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  • DURACON<sup>®</sup> POM
  • DURANEX<sup>®</sup> PBT
  • DURAFIDE<sup>®</sup> PPS
  • LAPEROS<sup>®</sup> LCP
  • TOPAS<sup>®</sup> CO


"All Star Player" of
Engineering Plastics

With its properties of self-lubrication, grease resistance, and well-balanced mechanical functions, it was initially applied to machine parts such as gears, which were made of metal at the time. Today, its applications have expanded to include domestic items such as fasteners, safety-related parts like seatbelt lock mechanisms, and automobile fuel system parts. We have the number one global share, and Polyplastics Group POM products make up 20% of the total.

* Source: "Outlook and Global Strategies for the Engineering Plastics Market in 2017," Fuji Keizai


Portable cassette players

Contributed to the development of a new personal tool that allows people to enjoy music outdoor!

There is a constant demand for even smaller, lighter, and longer-playing devices. DURACON® POM keeps the strength of these products while achieving comfortable operability and high sound quality.
Sliding PropertiesGrease ResistanceMechanical Properties

Video tape reel hub → Video recording tape

"Record and store videos in high quality."

Polyplastics contributed to the wide spread of magnetic tape cassettes to general households when its POM was used in the cassette tape reels. The Company also played an active role in developing the best shape design for an increased accuracy of molded products and achieved a high level of reliability that meets commercial specifications.
Sliding PropertiesMechanical Strength Antistatic Properties

Fuel-sender module

Contributed to the development of an "all-in-one module including filter case"!

The product met high demands towards higher performance, lighter weight, and longer-term reliability.
Gasoline ResistanceCreep Resistance


Well-Balanced "Little Brother" Electrical Properties

Its unique combination of heat resistance and electrical properties makes PBT a particularly adaptable material. Its excellent compatibility with various types of reinforcement agents and additives allows customers to impart diverse properties according to their needs. PBT has a wide range of useful applications, from connectors for automotive wire harness and a wide variety of electronic parts to everyday items such as cosmetic brushes, laminated paper food containers, etc.


Wire harness connectors

Contributed to the development of "intelligent cars"!

A wire harness is an automotive equivalent to blood vessels and nerves in a human body. Being located at both ends of wire harness, connectors ensure secure connection and exchange of electricity and signals. PBT's excellent electrical characteristics, heat resistance, and mechanical properties help wire harnesses to demonstrate long-term reliability in the harsh engine room environment.

Tabletop IH cooking heaters

Outstanding heat resistance and good appearance will make your table look attractive.

Heat ResistanceFlame Retardancy Good Shiny Appearance Low Warpage

Power supply connectors

Contributing to an "enjoyable outdoor life with a reliable power supply"!

Power supply connectors not only charge electric cars but also "supply electricity" from cars in the case of an emergency or disaster. PBT-based power supply connectors have an excellent strength that keeps the equipment intact even if it falls down or is run over by a car.
Electric PropertiesImpact ResistanceFlame Retardancy


Super-Engineering Plastic with Excellent Heat and Chemical Resistance

Polyplastics was the first in Japan to compound and market a linear PPS resin product, which utilized linear PPS polymer (manufactured and provided by Kureha Corporation). While the material retains existing PPS's high-performing mechanical strength as well as heat, chemical, and flame resistance, it has superior elongation, shock resistance, and toughness compared to the predecessor products. PPS has a wide range of applications from electric parts of hybrid and electric vehicles, smart phones, mixed water faucets in bathrooms and washrooms.


Electric shavers/inner blade bases

Contributed to the downsizing and performance improvement of reciprocating electric shavers!

The high strength and toughness of PPS helped achieve a high level of shaver performance by firmly holding inner blades.
High StrengthHigh ToughnessHigh Weld StrengthFatigue Resistance

Mixed water faucets

Contributed to the development of mixing faucets that are "never too hot to touch"!

PPS products work hard behind the scenes.
Compression StrengthHot-Water ResistanceLow Thermal ConductivityHigh RigidityDimensional AccuracyCreep Resistance

HEV water pumps

As an alternative to stainless steel, PPS successfully reduced the weight and improved performance of HEV water pumps!

The material also contributes to a reduced engine load.
High RigidityHigh StrengthHot Water Resistance


Super-Engineering Plastic
That Supports Cutting-Edge IT Devices

LCP is representative of super engineering plastics and boasts a thin wall construction and high fluidity that far exceed ordinary engineering plastics. LCP has an excellent heat resistance, outstanding mechanical strength, and metal-like low expansion rate, and features a unique property that the thinner the wall becomes, the more its strength increases. It is widely used in ultra-miniature precision connectors installed in the most- advanced, and increasingly-downsized IT devices, such as tablet terminals and smartphones. Polyplastics has the world's largest share* of 37%.

* Source: "Outlook and Global Strategies for the Engineering Plastics Market in 2017," Fuji Keizai


Motherboards/CPU sockets, etc.

Effectively helps a computer's brain (CPU) to run properly!

LCP is compatible with CPUs with a higher clock speed and performance.

Narrow-pitch connectors for smartphones

Contributed to the development of higher-performance, thinner, and lighter-weight smartphones!

LCP ensures firm connection between boards.
Thin-Wall High FluidityHigh RigidityLow-Warpage

Hybrid vehicle power module cases

Contributed to the highest-level miniaturization and higher output!

For details, please click here. High RigidityDimensional AccuracyHeat-Shock ResistanceHeat Resistance


Amorphous transparent copolymer with excellent optical properties

COC features excellent transparency and gloss. Being excellent in moisture-proofing, chemical resistance, and safety, COC has many useful applications in the field of strictly-controlled food and pharmaceutical packages as well as medical appliances such as pre-filled syringes. Its superb optical properties make COC useful in camera lenses of smartphones and light guide plates for liquid crystal TVs.


Medical syringes

As an successful alternative to glass materials, contributing to the reduction of weight and breakage failure rate!

Water Vapor Barrier Properties (Long-Term Storability)High TransparencyChemical Resistance

Candy wraps

Contributing to safety and security in the confectionery (candies and chocolates) packaging industry!

COC's high dead-fold properties keep the wrapping tight and neat
Water Vapor Barrier Properties (Long-Term Storability)Aroma Retention PropertiesDead-Fold Properties

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