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Engineering plastics are high-performance plastics with excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. They have applications in many aspects of our everyday lives.

Please click the bubbles (icons) and learn where engineering plastics are used in the daily life!

  • DURACON<sup>®</sup> POM
  • DURANEX<sup>®</sup> PBT
  • DURAFIDE<sup>®</sup> PPS
  • LAPEROS<sup>®</sup> LCP
  • TOPAS<sup>®</sup> CO


Representative Player of
Engineering Plastics, Substituting
for Metal in a Wide Range of Applications

With its properties of self-lubrication, grease resistance, and well-balanced mechanical functions, it has a wide range of applications including domestic items such as fasteners and toothbrush handles as well as automobile safety-related parts (such as door lock, door latch, and seatbelt lock mechanisms) and automobile fuel system parts. We have the No.1 global share, and Polyplastics group POM products make up 20% of the total.

* Source: "Outlook and Global Strategies for the Engineering Plastics Market in 2017," Fuji Keizai


Headphone cassette players

Contributing to the realization of personal tools with headphones so you can enjoy your favorite music on the go!

Pursuing the smallest and most lightweight products with the longest continuous playback. Made with DURACON® POM for strength, comfort, operability, and high-quality sound.
With sliding, grease resistance, and mechanical properties.
Sliding PropertiesGrease ResistanceMechanical Properties

Video tape reel hubs → Video recording tape

Preserve your memories with high-image quality

Cassette reels using magnetic tape made with Polyplastics POM materials have come to be used in general household applications. We are proactively proposing shape design in order to improve the precision of mold parts. These products are highly reliable and compatible with business-use standards.
With sliding, mechanical strength, and antistatic properties.
Sliding PropertiesMechanical Strength Antistatic Properties

Fuel sender modules

Contributed to the realization of a fully unified fuel module, including the fuel case!

Meeting high demands for better performance, weight reduction, and high long-term reliability.
With gasoline resistance and creep resistance.
Gasoline ResistanceCreep Resistance


The Well-Balanced "Little Brother" with Electrical Properties

Its unique combination of heat resistance and electrical properties makes PBT a particularly adaptable material, capable of adopting diverse characteristics to suit customer needs thanks to its excellent compatibility with many different types of reinforcement agents and additives. It lends itself to applications across a variety of fields, from automobile wire harness connectors and electrical parts in the automobile field to domestic items such as makeup brushes and laminated paper food containers.


Wire harness connectors

Contributing to the shift to smart cars!

Wire harnesses run through a car just like veins and nerves in the human body. At both ends of each wire, there is a connector that ensures that the connection is established and that electricity/signals are transmitted stably. With excellent electrical properties, heat resistance, and mechanical properties, these connectors ensure long-term reliability even in the unforgiving environment of an engine room.

Portable IH cooking stoves

Great thermal resistance as well as a stylish appearance that will dress up your table.

Heat ResistanceFlame Retardancy Good Shiny Appearance Low Warpage

Electricity supply connectors

An electricity supply can help you enjoy the outdoors!

Plays an important role in power supply, capable not only of charging cars but also supplying electric power from cars in a disaster/emergency situation. Boasts superior strength that stands up to being dropped or even run over.
Electric PropertiesImpact ResistanceFlame Retardancy


A Promising Player of Super-Engineering Plastic with Excellent Heat and Chemical Resistance

Polyplastics was the first in Japan to compound and release a linear resin PPS product, which utilizes linear PPS polymer (manufactured and provided by Kureha Corporation). With its high-performing mechanical strength and heat, chemical, and flame resistance, the material has improved elongation and impact resistance to realize higher toughness than in previous PPS. It is used in a wide range of applications, such as electrical components for hybrid and electric cars, smartphones, and water mixing valves for bathrooms and sinks.


Electric shavers/blade bases

Contributing to miniaturization and performance improvement of reciprocating electric shavers!

Achieved high performance; a high-strength and high-toughness blade base holds the inner blade securely.
High StrengthHigh ToughnessHigh Weld StrengthFatigue Resistance

Water mixing valves

Contributing to the realization of water mixing valves that aren't hot to the touch!

Invisible but useful!
Compression StrengthHot-Water ResistanceLow Thermal ConductivityHigh RigidityDimensional AccuracyCreep Resistance

HEV water pumps

Lighter weight and higher performance than conventional stainless steel!

Contributes to reducing the engine load.
High RigidityHigh StrengthHot Water Resistance


A Market-Leading Super-Engineering Plastic, Supporting Cutting-Edge IT Devices

LCP is a typical super engineering plastic, which boasts high fluidity while being moldable even when formed into extremely thin shapes- specifications that far exceed those of ordinary engineering plastics. LCP is highly resistant to heat and has incomparable mechanical strength and a metal-like low expansion rate that causes the strength to increase as the thickness of the material decreases. It is often used in ultra-compact, high-precision connectors for tablets, smartphones, and other leading-edge IT devices that are trending toward miniaturization. We have the No.1 global share, and Polyplastics group LCP products make up 37% of the total.

* Source: "Outlook and Global Strategies for the Engineering Plastics Market in 2017," Fuji Keizai


Motherboard/CPU sockets, etc.

Provides full support to keep your computer's ���brain��� working smoothly!

Leads to improved CPU speed and higher performance.

Fine pitch connectors for smartphones

Contributing to higher-performing, thinner, and lighter smartphones!

Forms solid connections between circuit boards.
Thin-Wall High FluidityHigh RigidityLow-Warpage

Power module cases for hybrid vehicles

Contributes to top-class miniaturization and higher output!

*Click here for more details. High RigidityDimensional AccuracyHeat-Shock ResistanceHeat Resistance


An Amorphous Transparent Copolymer

An amorphous resin with excellent transparency and gloss. With its excellent properties in moisture-proofing, chemical resistance, and safety, COC is suitable for applications in packaging materials and foods, which must meet high standards.


Medical syringes

Replaces conventional glass materials to make more lightweight syringes with an improved breakage rate!

Water Vapor Barrier Properties (Long-Term Storability)High TransparencyChemical Resistance

Candy wrappers

Contributing to safer and more secure packaging for candy, chocolate, and other snacks!

Realized wrappers with folded parts that resist loosening thanks to their high dead-fold property.
Water Vapor Barrier Properties (Long-Term Storability)Aroma Retention PropertiesDead-Fold Properties