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New Mid-Term Business Plan 2017-2019

We Aim to Be the Most Reliable Supplier of Engineering Plastics

Our new Mid-Term Business Plan ("Mid-Term Plan"), which will run for the next three years from April 2017, is the third and final stage in the series of mid-term plans that have continued for the three terms and nine years since 2011. In the 2011 mid-term plan, we sowed the seeds for growth with initiatives such as expanding our plant capacity and establishing sales companies in Europe and the Americas. In the 2014-2016 mid-term plan, we leveraged those management resources to develop our business, driven by growth in Asia and the West, and also built a global-scale organization to support that business development. Now, in the final mid-term plan starting this year, we will conduct activities in the aim of convincing our customers to see us as the world's number one provider of engineering plastics, which is our long-term goal. The ultimate goal ahead in 2019 is for Polyplastics to be recognized as the most reliable supplier of engineering plastics by customers not only in Japan and Asia, but also in the European and American regions, which for us are new markets.

The Four Important Issues to Address in the Next Three Years

Over the next three years, Polyplastics will address the following four things.
The first issue is the creation of new business. As well as introducing new products to our portfolio, our definition of new business includes all employees engaging in new things in and around their own work. In our eyes, this is not just something that only a small number of people are looking out for; it is everyone creating something new from their own respective standpoints.
The second issue is to be acknowledged by leading-edge customers throughout the world as a global supplier. Our customers in Asia and the West have different requirements and ways of working. We will become a global supplier in the true sense of the word, able to respond to the requirement of our customers in both regions.
The third issue is the ongoing expansion of our existing businesses. As well as securing a stronger presence in the markets for our various plastics, namely POM, PBT/GF-PET, PPS, and LCP, we will also grow COC into the fifth core business.
The fourth issue is the improvement of our business management. We will build the internal systems that are necessary to provide the number one solutions in engineering plastics. This means an organization that is open, efficient, and able to perform sophisticated operations.

To Become a Company that Exceeds the Expectations of Customers and Society

Engineering plastics are advanced materials that are made from finite fossil resources with energy use. Engineering plastics customers do not need ordinary plastics; without exception, their intention is to use those engineering plastics to achieve something that is special and valuable. And we are the experts in those engineering plastics.

We believe that our best performance is always required so that our customers-and ultimately society-can use the precious engineering plastics to achieve something advanced without waste because the main business of our company is producing engineering plastics. We want to become a company that will endeavor to achieve that in a way that exceeds the expectations of our customers and society, and to embody that endeavor more than any other company in the world.

������������������������������������������������������������������Toshio Shiwaku
Representative Director and Managing Executive Officer

CSR Report 2017

The CSR Report 2017 has been released in PDF format.

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