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To be a company that grows with the society, we are taking steps to further strengthen compliance and corporate governance-the core of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We will continue faithfully implementing these activities to ensure that each and every one of our employees has a deeper understanding of CSR and that we always act as an upstanding corporate citizen.


We have issued a Group Conduct Policy as well as a more specific code of conduct called Polyplastics' Commitment, to ensure not only that we comply with laws and regulations, but also that we respect the broad social conventions and ethical values that govern corporate behavior, always doing business in a fair and equitable manner.

In fiscal 2016, we implemented the following activities in order to ensure compliance among all group companies and reduce the risk of legal violations.

  • Firmly established a legal supervision program
  • Expanded a competition law policy to overseas group companies
  • Placed anti-corruption policies
  • Introduced Compliance Emphasis Month

In addition, we have set up an internal reporting system that places contact points both inside and outside the company with the aim of creating a mechanism capable of rapidly identifying any legal violations or the like while protecting whistleblowers from any adverse consequences.

Polyplastics' Commitment

Our Group Conduct Policy is a way to contribute to our customers and society as a whole by creating value as a leading company in engineering plastics. To help our employees better understand this policy, think about what it means for them, and make it a specific part of their daily activities, we have also published a manual called Polyplastics' Commitment, which is available in multiple languages. We are currently distributing the manual and conducting related training sessions for all company employees.

Introduction of Compliance Emphasis Month

To foster a corporate culture and workplace environments that make appropriate and sound business practices possible, we designated every August as Compliance Emphasis Month and started the specific activities from FY 2016.

It has been said that a company's culture and corporate climate is synonymous with its approach to compliance. Polyplastics is also trying to get back to basics by taking a closer look at what compliance really looks like and how it can be familiarized within an organization. Our goal is to inspire even more trust in the greater community and position ourselves to achieve sound, lasting business growth.

Key fiscal 2016 initiatives

  1. Message from the CEO
  2. Compliance Emphasis Month Posters
  3. Compliance Lecture (for top executives and general managers)
  4. Compliance checks (for general managers)
  5. Online training (for all group employees)

Compliance banner at the Dafa Plant in Taiwan

Malaysia Adds Its Own Unique Initiatives!

Malaysia carried out a variety of compliance education activities in fiscal 2016. All employees (including outside contractors) have completed workshops that make use of real violation case studies. During Compliance Emphasis Month, Malaysia developed and held its own training programs on drug abuse prevention and social media risks and compliance, in addition to the regular Polyplastics posters and online training. In each program, participants increased their knowledge and awareness through lectures given by representatives of the relevant government agencies. Every department also went over the Group Conduct Policy and held training sessions to ensure that it was followed to the letter. Malaysia is looking to continue its efforts to raise compliance awareness throughout its organization.

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Corporate Governance

We adopt an executive officer system to ensure that directors devote themselves to decision-making and governance. Executive officers are responsible for business operations, thereby delineating governing functions from management to secure sound corporate management. The Board of Auditors, independent from the Board of Directors, attends important meetings, such as management meetings, and objectively conducts audits of directors.

Internal Control

We have established Internal Control Basic Policy, making it clear that the entire group will engage in corporate governance, compliance, risk management, and business continuity plan (BCP) initiatives. As a result of these activities, we evaluate the effectiveness of our internal controls operational status each year and report key items to the board of directors. In fiscal 2016, we worked with our parent company Daicel Corporation to promote initiatives to improve audit quality.

Risk Management

In order to properly address the potential risks in our corporate activities, we have established Risk Management Guidelines and organized a Risk Management Committee to hold regular meetings.

If a situation is deemed to pose a serious risk, the Risk Management Committee takes charge of managing the progress of initiatives aimed at mitigating it. One such risk is continuing to formulate a BCP that takes into account the damages we are likely to incur should the anticipated Nankai Trough Earthquake strike. In fiscal 2016, we also began working on formulating a BCP to address the loss of head office functions if an earthquake should directly hit the Tokyo metropolitan area. Starting in fiscal 2015, we began bringing our Japanese bases together to conduct coordinated training in earthquake initial responses.

List of disaster prevention drills

  1. Earthquake initial response drills
  2. General earthquake disaster prevention drills
  3. Safety check drills
  4. First aid courses
  5. Family disaster prevention meetings
  6. Earthquake early warning drills

With a Compliance Mindset at the Basis of All Corporate Activity

Yuki Yoneda
Executive Officer
Responsible for Risk Management and Corporate Compliance

We think about things linking CSR with every one of our employees' activities because we consider all business activities to be involved with society. We emphasize the importance of compliance as the basis of all activities and as the foundation of company activities. Since we issued our Polyplastics Group Conduct Policy in 2012, a set of guidelines that serves as the basis for all employee conduct, we have promoted numerous initiatives to familiarize and reinforce compliance. What we have learned in the process is that firmly establishing a compliance mindset is a never-ending task. By continuing with our Compliance Emphasis month year after year, we hope to gradually spread this mindset throughout our organization-five years or a decade down the road.

Polyplastics has grown into a corporate group that operates in twelve countries and regions around the world and employs upwards of 1,900 people. This means that we work side-by-side with people with all sorts of cultural backgrounds, living conditions, and values.

Looking toward the future, we aim to grow welcoming this diversity with open arms, using it as one of our key strengths as we push towards our goal of becoming a company that society recognizes as valuable and worthwhile. That is why I want to ensure that we commit to cultivating a compliance mindset at the basis of all our corporate activity.

CSR Report 2017

The CSR Report 2017 has been released in PDF format.

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