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Polyplastics' Management

Promoting CSR Activities

Polyplastics works on developing systems to implement practical activities in each company and division under the leadership of its CSR Promotion Coordinators.
The company also makes efforts to educate employees at various levels on CSR, and provides newly appointed managers of overseas group companies with detailed CSR education programs to raise awareness and enhance knowledge of corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Governance

Polyplastics adopts an executive officer system to ensure that directors devote themselves to decision-making and governance. Executive officers are responsible for business operations, thereby delineating governing functions from management to secure sound corporate management. The Board of Auditors, independent from the Board of Directors, attends important meetings, such as management meetings, and objectively conducts audits of directors.

Corporate Governance Structure

Internal Control

In fiscal 2015, we revised part of our Basic Policy on the Establishment of Internal Control Systems. We made it clearer that the entire Group would engage in compliance, risk management, and BCP activities.
Also, we worked to improve the quality of auditing technology through the amendment of our internal audit regulations and internal audit manuals. We also introduced computer-aided audit tools (CAAT) into our operational auditing.


Compliance (adherence to corporate ethics and legislation) forms the foundation of our corporate activities, and we work hard to ensure that each and every employee practices compliance in their everyday duties. In fiscal 2015, we conducted new case study training, initially for management-level employees in Japan and at our overseas operations. This training will eventually be extended throughout the entire company.

Risk Management

Polyplastics has established Basic Risk Management Guidelines, which serve as the basis for risk prevention and emergency response. In addition, we have organized a Risk Management Committee to discuss risk management issues and approve countermeasures for group-wide practices.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, many companies in Japan have been preparing business continuity plans (BCP). As we have a plant and R&D divisions in Fuji, Polyplastics has also prepared a BCP that takes into consideration the possible damage that might be caused by the anticipated Nankai Trough Earthquake. There is also another BCP under consideration in view of a potential earthquake with its epicenter in the Tokyo metropolitan area. In fiscal 2015, we brought our Japanese bases together to conduct coordinated training in earthquake initial responses.

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