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CSR Top Message 2016

Be Plastic for Sustainability

Our mission is to forge deeper communications with our stakeholders all over the world and to work together with them to create value and innovation. Just as engineering plastics can be formed into an ever-changing array of shapes, we aim to use our strengths with flexibility to help our customers turn their dreams into reality. To achieve this, we possess both strength of core and adaptability, responding to our customers' expectations with a meticulous attention to detail. Our goal is to be a Japanese global company that holds the best attributes of Japanese companies at its core, positioning long-term relationships of trust with our customers as our greatest value.

2015 for Polyplastics

With the continued falling value of the yen combined with extremely low prices of oil and other fuels, conditions were very favorable not just for us but for the chemicals industry as a whole. This contributed to our sales revenue and operating profit in fiscal 2015 greatly exceeding our mid-term business plan. The achievement of record-high profits also owed a great deal to the committed efforts of our entire workforce in areas such as the promotion of product and technology innovation, the exploration of non-Japanese customer markets (in which we have not had a high market share to date), the continuation of safe and stable plant operations, and the results that our workforce achieved. Moving forward, given the volatility of the currency and stock markets, the unpredictability of the crude oil situation, geo-political risks such as terrorism and issues in the Middle East, and growing concerns about the slowing global economy, it will be no easy task to maintain and expand on these favorable results.
However, our company has some very important values, namely the Polyplastics-Way and the Polyplastics-Family. By pursuing these values with sincerity and honesty, and creating value for our customers, I believe we will be able to overcome any challenge.

Mid-Term Business Plan

Fiscal 2016 is the final year of our current mid-term business plan. In the previous plan, which ran from 2011 to 2013, we actively pursued the strengthening of our management foundations and investment with the goal of taking a giant leap into the future. We established bases for sales activities in Europe and the Americas as part of the globalization of our business, and, on the production front, we commissioned highly cost-competitive plants in Malaysia and China, establishing the foundations of our supply systems. We also put effort into the globalization of our people. In particular, we implemented staff training aimed at encouraging our Japanese staff to be more active overseas, and expanded our general human resources programs to deepen communication between people in Asia and the West, to encourage them to work with a sense of unity. Now is the time to reap the various rewards of the investments we made in that previous plan. While our business performance was boosted by a favorable external environment, the challenges we tackled in that mid-term plan have certainly produced results, leading to business results that are in advance of our initial plan.

Expansion into Western Markets

On the other hand, we have had to face a number of challenges in the past three years. One of those has been the expansion of our business in Western markets. To achieve steady growth in our business in the West, we have been working on building sales systems that suit local needs. Specific measures include the reinforcement of our national staff, who handle development sales and marketing, the introduction of analysis equipment to provide technical support, and the establishment of logistics foundations for stability of product supply. We will, of course, be laying the groundwork for expanding our business with Japanese companies operating in those markets, but one of our major challenges for fiscal 2016 will be expanding our business with non-Japanese companies, among which our products and brand are not as well known.

Polyplastics' Strengths

Our strengths lie how we take painstaking care of our customers and our ability to offer them value beyond their expectations. I believe what gives Polyplastics its strength is our ability to provide wide- ranging, meticulous support to our customers, from the design stage through to the final stage of mass production, based on voluminous quantities of back-up data on design, processing and products, etc., and the reliability of the quality of our products. These strengths further attract the trust of our customers, and by becoming their partners in development, the first people they will come to with their requirements, we can immediately start to work on development, thus delivering to our customers products that exceed their expectations. This is the kind of virtuous cycle we have created. I believe that this cycle, which is born from the typically Japanese trait of meticulous attention to detail and our sincere attitude toward our customers, is a valuable business model that offers something different from Western companies. I am confident that if customers knew about the value we offer, we would be a match for any company anywhere in the world.

The Importance of Diversity

For a global company, the blending of diversity is of extreme importance. Each country and region - China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas - has its own sense of values and customs, which have been fostered by the history and culture of that country or region, and as such, they are to be respected. While valuing our own culture, we shall take on the good aspects of other cultures and blend them with our own. Having gained an understanding of diversity, we hope to nurture a new culture.

Becoming a Japanese Global Company

Here at Polyplastics, which has its headquarters in Japan, we want to be a Japanese global company. This means instilling in our employees all over the world an understanding of the values held by the Japanese people and by Polyplastics. While holding dear the Polyplastics-Way, which is our corporate philosophy for creating value for our customers, and our superlative teamwork structure, which we call the Polyplastics-Family, I hope that our employees will not forget the highly developed sense of discipline, decency, company spirit, and attitude of looking at things from a medium-term perspective, which are traits of the Japanese people that are part of how we approach the way we deal with our customers. We want to continue to be a Japanese global company that has the wonderful culture of Japan at its core.
To permeate and pass on this corporate culture, we are actively pursuing interactions and training with our overseas employees. I believe that this will eventually become our corporate ethos, and a major competitive strength that others cannot imitate. Other companies may be able to catch up to some of our technologies, but our corporate culture will be our unwavering asset.

Noboru Goto

Representative Director and President

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