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Shaping a Sustainable Society with Our Plastics

Engineering plastics are valuable materials made from energy derived from finite fossil fuel resources. We believe it is our responsibility to do all we can to use these resources meaningfully and to create products that are useful to society, without waste. While Polyplastics produces and sells engineering plastics, our true contribution is proposing the best solutions for how to use them. Working together with our customers around the world, we will create excellent products that leverage the potential of engineering plastics, exceeding society's expectations, and each and every one of us will play a role in building a better society through engineering plastics solutions. That is our unchanging goal; that is the kind of company we want to be.

After One Year of Developing Engineering Plastics with Our Customers

In terms of business results, reflecting the global economic situation, FY2017 was a favorable year for sales in all markets and fields in which Polyplastics is involved. With comparatively stable fossil fuel prices and exchange rates, we were able to achieve an increase in sales. Both this sales increase and our existing efforts to reduce costs and increase productivity contributed to increasing operating revenue.

In our development activities, this was a year of moving forward with our customers. From the shift to electric vehicles and handling advanced safety systems in the automobile field, to the advancing IoT and fifth-generation mobile communication systems in the information and communications field, we worked together with our customers to develop a variety of engineering plastic parts essential to technologies that will have an impact on future society.

On the other hand, however, we are nearing the limits of our production capacity, so our excess supply capacity has diminished. Thanks to the efforts of our production sites, we have been working to minimize the influence of production line problems and to practice creative manufacturing while having the Supply Chain Division consolidate inventory management to ensure a stable supply. From now on, we will set our eyes on steadily growing demand and carry out our facilities investment plan with certainty.

Our CSR, Looking Beyond Compliance

Polyplastics is proactively fulfilling our social responsibilities as a member of society. Beyond legal compliance and keeping our promises to our customers, we think broadly about how we can contribute to society through our business and put these ideas into action of our own will.

In the past year, there were many company scandals involving production quality and accounting around the world. It is now clear that society will no longer allow companies to engage in non-transparent practices based on their own circumstances, even though previously customary. Polyplastics believes that, as a manufacturer, we need to take to heart the importance of properly managing product quality, as this is our lifeline. If scandals occur in other companies, we will accept the problems as our own; we must go back to the basics and take initiative to maintain and improve the quality of our products and operations.

We are also cooperating with our suppliers in CSR Purchasing so as not to be complicit in the destruction of the environment or human rights violations due to unfair purchasing practices. Based on our belief that fair trade and anti-corruption policies will lead to a better society, we not only strictly forbid bribery but also work to increase transparency in our operations by thoroughly enforcing recording, even for appropriate business entertainment and gift exchange.

Polyplastics considers itself a member of society in the areas where we do business, so it is also important that we contribute to these local communities. For example, in September 2017, when parts of Mexico suffered enormous damages from an earthquake, Polyplastics employees came together to help people in the affected areas rebuild their lives by making a donation through Polyplastics Marketing Mexico, S.A. de C.V. At other bases as well, our people always keep their local communities in mind, and take action to give back to society.

Taking pride in being a leading company in engineering plastics, Polyplastics will continue to consider what new values we should bring to society and our customers while constantly striving to stay on the right path.

Polyplastics, Driven by Friendly Teamwork

Polyplastics wants to work in a world aiming for using engineering plastics meaningfully and creating products that will bring new value to society. To provide values that can only be achieved with engineering plastics, we need to strive constantly for a deeper understanding of what the customer wants to achieve, and then produce the solutions necessary to that end. By doing this, we aim to gain recognition as an engineering plastics solutions provider that is the most trusted by all of its customers.

To achieve this goal, we will need the combined knowledge of Polyplastics group's sales, production, and technical support bases around the world. If all divisions come together and exchange technology, information, and human resources, we can create opportunities to learn from one another. In these situations, anyone can be a teacher and share their perspective with other employees, and anyone can be a student, humbly learning unfamiliar things. This kind of friendly teamwork can drive us to take on new challenges. We are working to create a more sophisticated management organization including people of all cultures, in which each and every employee is able to engage as a member of the team, knowing that they are equals, so that they can take pride in learning and working.

Engineering plastics are valuable, so we use them properly.
rough working toward this basic principle as a group,
we will be able to contribute to shaping an abundant future society.

Toshio Shiwaku
Toshio Shiwaku
Representative Director and President