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CSR Top Message 2017


Since Polyplastics was founded, our mission has been to create innovation together with our customers and to continue to grow and prosper together with them. To that end, we have contributed to the solutions of a wide range of social issues. Engineering plastics have unlimited potential possibilities. To put it another way, as a company that specializes in engineering plastics, Polyplastics also has endless potential to contribute to shaping an abundant future society through innovation. By expanding our existing businesses into new domains, and exploring new businesses (an area in which we are stepping up our efforts), we feel the pleasure of contributing to people's happiness, and move forward together, with all of our employees, with greater pleasure and with pride.

The Mid-Term Business Plan 2014-2016 with Unwavering Values

In our Mid-Term Business Plan 2014-2016, we set the target of expanding the scale of our business globally, with the aim of becoming the number one global solutions provider in engineering plastics. By working together, we have addressed challenges such as taking advantage of our global sales and technical assistance network for the expansion of sales in the European, American, and Indian markets; the start of our large-scale POM plant in Malaysia; the creation of high value-added products for the core components of next-generation automobiles; and raising the profitability of the COC business. We have moved our plans steadily forward, and as a result, our earnings actually exceeded the Mid-term Business Plan targets, even amid a changing business environment, including increasingly complex political and economic climates and fluctuating exchange rates and raw material prices.

We consider two values to be precious; "Polyplastics-Way", which is our corporate philosophy for creating value with our customers, and "Polyplastics-Family", our structure for achieving that philosophy. As we enhance these two values even further, we will devote our efforts to creating new businesses and improving the scope and quality of our solutions. In this way, we will contribute more to society and aim to become a major global player in engineering plastics that can contribute to the happiness of the people.

Make "Compliance", the essential element of CSR, part of the Corporate Culture

A company's attitude to compliance, which affects the basis of all business activities, is the very essence of its corporate culture. To share the importance of compliance with all employees and to ensure the sound, sustainable development of our business through the awareness and actions of all staff in the company, from FY2016, we introduced Compliance Emphasis Month. Last year, a guest speaker for our top executives told us that the most effective compliance activities are efforts and improvement activities designed to incorporate compliance into our corporate philosophy, to steadily and sincerely make it a part of our everyday activities, and make it take root and become a part of our corporate DNA.

As well as the lecture, it was also extremely inspiring to encounter the spirit of the company that has practiced this advice for many years and has continued to be praised for its efforts throughout the world. Step by step, we hope to come closer to that ideal by reflecting what we have learned in Polyplastics' future activities, including 360-degree evaluations, practicing the Polyplastics-Way in the individual departments' missions, and passing on our corporate philosophy.

Everyone agrees that CSR is important and increasingly necessary in today's society. At the same time, however, CSR as a concept remains somewhat vague, with numerous differing ideas co-existing. What does CSR mean to Polyplastics? Is the concept firmly established among all employees and do they all have an accurate recognition of it? What unique contributions to society can Polyplastics offer? We will confront these simple questions anew, continue to discuss the issues earnestly, and reflect those efforts into making Polyplastics' CSR activities the best they can be.

The Corporate Climate Cultivates the People, and the People Cultivate the Company

Over ten years ago, there were a series of accidents (carbon dioxide poisoning) related to fan heaters caused by a major electrical appliance maker. While these accidents are certainly something to condemn, there are many lessons to be learned from the way the company in question responded to the crisis. It mobilized its more than 100,000 employees, printed more than 500 million leaflets, and distributed them to people's homes. Employees were even handing out leaflets in the street. Toward the end of the year, in a month when the company usually had its highest sales of this product, it devoted itself completely to apologizing and recalling the product. It is my belief that the judgment shown by the top management in the midst of such a critical situation was something that had been acquired naturally, as part of the company's corporate climate, throughout their many years with the company. It is often said that communication from top management is the most important thing in CSR and compliance, but equally, the everyday words and actions of middle management at individual workplaces are extremely important in establishing an appropriate corporate climate. A company that fosters a corporate culture and climate in which employees can take pride will earn the trust of the community. It will also nurture the self-discipline and professional abilities of its employees, who are the creators of innovation, and become a company that will be of even greater service to society. I have the utmost confidence that Polyplastics can become that kind of company.

Noboru Goto
Noboru Goto
Representative Director and President

CSR Report 2017

The CSR Report 2017 has been released in PDF format.

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